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Get clear.

Get confident.

Get moving.

 (I can help you do all three!)

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Schedule a Discovery Session

Get clear.

Get confident.

Get moving.

 (I can help you do all three!)

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Content Strategy + Writing


Not a writer? Not a problem. I'll help you clarify your message, refine your voice, and ignite a movement.


Show me how.
Coaching + Spiritual Direction


Need help with the next steps? I've got you covered, friend. Try individual or group coaching and get unstuck. 


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Courses + Resources


Bolster your confidence with books, courses, and resources designed enrich your life and support your recovery journey.


Yes, that.

Hey, I'm Brit*

Nice to meet you.

I'm a writer, teacher, and spiritual director who helps corporate, nonprofit, and ministry leaders move people to action. 

As a strong advocate for nontraditional recovery and women in ministry, I stay busy‚ÄĒand I'm sure you do, too.

Whatever you're looking for, the Enneagram #2 in me is here to help you find it.

So enough about me.... let's hear about you!

How can I help?

Just LMK what you're looking for and I'll getcha back.

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Ever feel like life is just... happening to you? 

Like you're personally, professionally, and even spiritually

You need a thought partner. Someone who sees, hears, and gets you and your ideas (and cares as much about them as you do). Someone who's been there before and knows the way forward. 

Hi, I'm Brit*.
Your go-to girl for growth.


1. Get clear.


Whether you're starting a business, writing a book, birthing a movement, or healing from trauma, coaching and spiritual direction will help you get clear on your vision.  

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2. Get confident.


Learn and grow with courses, books, devotionals, interviews, videos, and community resources on grace, recovery, marriage, business, writing, and mental health.

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3. Get moving. 


Find the words to say to move people to action for your cause by hiring me do content strategy and development, platform building, writing, editing, and more.

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The Uncovery

Recovery is for everyone. (And if that statement bothers you, it might be for you, too.)

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Reckless Grace

Deep down, you know forgiveness is a good idea. So why is it so hard to forgive and be forgiven?

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Bethany Dearborn Hiser

Author, From Burned Out to Beloved

"Brit lays out a compelling and heartfelt invitation to do the hard, yet rewarding inner work‚ÄĒdigging into our stories and opening ourselves to the tender, life-changing love of God."

Brian "Head" Welch

Grammy Award-winning band Korn

"Thank you for ‚Äúkilling the noise‚ÄĚ and saying what needs to be said in the recovery space. The Uncovery will not only change lives, I think it has the potential to help change the church as we know it."



"Finding a good writer is hard. Finding one that can nimbly leap between long-form writing, brand writing full of personality, and punchy ad writing is really hard.
Brit is that writer. She brings exactly the right combination of mirth and mastery to our team."

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